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I began training with Ainslie just over three years ago to prepare for a European cycling trip. My goal was to raise my overall fitness level so I would have the strength, endurance and self-confidence to complete such a trip. Ainslie is the most thoughtful, caring and motivating person I have ever worked with. She seems to know just how far she can push and it is because of her that I was able to complete that trip of over 1300 km. and am now planning a third one!
- Ellen


A proud ambassador for Lululemon Athletica

Are you ready to work hard for the body you want? We are.

T3 is more than just personal training. We represent a healthy way of living life. Our functional, dynamic, and constantly varied training style will give you the motivation and tools to fulfill your fitness goals.

Dream about running a marathon? Triathlon? A sub 45 Grind time?
Just want to look good naked?
We can get you there.

  Together we can meet and exceed your goals; be they as large as competitive athletics, as complicated as overcoming an injury, or as simple as wanting to take charge of your physical health.

Everyone’s goals and abilities are dramatically different, and each individual’s training program will reflect this.

T3 offers personal training, sport conditioning, pre and post natal training, and now offers specialized training systems for police and fire personnel. Check out this website for more information and inspiration.

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